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Posts, sorted by total interactions
Posts, sorted by total interactions
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The "Posts, sorted by total interactions" widget provides a comprehensive breakdown of posts and their respective performance metrics. Through this, users can quickly discern the popularity, reach, and impact of a particular post. In addition, the widget offers a drill-down feature to delve deeper into various metrics, breaking down the post's sentiment over time, activity, audience segmentation, and its sharing patterns.

Metrics Explained:

  • Post Preview: A glimpse or snippet of the original post's content.

    • Significance: Allows users to identify the post at a glance and recall its content.

  • Posted By: The individual or entity that shared the post.

    • Significance: Helps determine the source or originator of the content.

  • Total Interactions: The cumulative number of interactions a post has received.

    • Significance: Offers a high-level view of the post's popularity or engagement level.

  • Post Sentiment: A measure (ranging from 0-5) indicating the sentiment of the post, where 0 is very negative and 5 is very positive.

    • Significance: Gives insight into the general tone or mood of the post.

  • Comments: The total number of comments a post has received.

    • Significance: Indicates the level of user engagement and discussion around the post.

  • Reactions: The total number of emotive responses (likes, loves, wows, etc.) a post has garnered.

    • Significance: Reflects how users emotionally respond to the content.

  • Shares: The number of times the post has been shared by users.

    • Significance: Indicates the post's virality and its potential reach outside the original audience.

  • Unique Viewers: The distinct number of individuals who have viewed the post.

    • Significance: Measures the post's reach and visibility.

  • % Unique Viewers: Calculated as (total people viewed / total potential audience) * 100.

    • Significance: Provides a perspective on how much of the potential audience has viewed the post.

  • Unique Interactors: The distinct number of individuals who have interacted with the post.

    • Significance: Demonstrates the depth of engagement beyond mere viewing.

  • % Unique Interactors: Calculated as (total people interacted with this post / total people who viewed this post) * 100.

    • Significance: Shows the proportion of viewers who found the content engaging enough to interact.

  • Unique Contributors: The distinct number of individuals who have commented on the post.

    • Significance: Reflects the level of active discussion and participation around the post.\

  • % Unique Contributors: Calculated as (total people commented on this post / total people who viewed this post) * 100.

    • Significance: Reveals the percentage of viewers who actively contributed to the discussion.

  • Potential Audience: The possible number of individuals who could have viewed the post based on their active status in the channel.

    • Significance: Offers insight into the maximum reach the post could achieve.

  • % Potential Audience: Calculated as (total people active in the channel / total population of the group) * 100.

    • Significance: Indicates how much of the entire group population was active and potentially exposed to the post.

Metric Interplay

The metrics in this widget are intricately connected. For example, a high number of "Unique Viewers" paired with a low "% Unique Interactors" might indicate that while many saw the post, few found it engaging enough to interact with. Similarly, analysing "Post Sentiment" alongside "Total Interactions" can provide insights into whether positive or negative sentiments drive more engagement.

Use Cases:

  • Content Strategy Refinement: By analysing which posts get the highest interactions and positive sentiments, content creators can refine their strategies for maximum engagement.

  • Target Audience Analysis: The breakdown of "Post audience grouped by segment" can help marketers understand which segments are most engaged, aiding in targeted advertising or content creation.


  • Q: Can I export the data from this widget for external analysis?

    • A: Yes, there's an export option available at the top right corner of the widget.

  • Q: How frequently is the data in this widget updated?

    • A: The data is refreshed every 24 hours to ensure you have the most recent insights.


  • Problem: Metrics not loading or showing as "N/A."

    • Solution: Refresh the dashboard. If the problem persists, check the data source connection or reach out to IT support.

  • Problem: Unable to drill down into a specific metric.

    • Solution: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to view detailed metrics. If permissions are adequate, try clearing cache or using a different browser.

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