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Note: The Unique Contributors widget can be found across the Scoreboard, Value and Leadership dashboards.

The "Unique Contributor" widget provides a snapshot into the core engagement on the platform. By representing the percentage of distinct users who actively contribute through posting or commenting, it offers a measure against the backdrop of overall viewership, highlighting the depth of active participation.

Metrics Explained:

  • Unique Contributors Percentage

    • Definition: This metric signifies the ratio of users who have actively contributed content (either through posting or commenting) to the total number of users who have viewed the platform.

    • Calculation: (Number of unique contributors / Total active viewers) ร— 100.

    • Significance: It serves as a key indicator of how many users move beyond passive consumption to active contribution, reflecting the platform's effectiveness in fostering active engagement.

Metric Interplay:

The Unique Contributors Percentage is a standalone metric in this widget. However, it derives its value by juxtaposing two user groups: those who actively contribute and those who view content. For instance, if out of 500 viewers, 100 users contribute by posting or commenting, the Unique Contributors Percentage would display 20%.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Health: A routine check on this widget can offer insights into whether recent platform initiatives or content strategies are encouraging users to actively contribute.

  • Content Strategy: By tracking trends in unique contributions, content creators can gauge what topics or formats resonate most with the audience, prompting active participation.


  • Q: How often is the Unique Contributors Percentage updated?

    • A: The hourly metric reflects the latest user contributions and viewership.

  • Q: Are users who both post and comment counted twice?

    • A: No, the metric captures unique contributors, so each user is counted only once, regardless of the number or type of contributions.


  • Issue: Unique Contributors Percentage remains stagnant or drops significantly.

    • Solution: Review recent platform changes, content pushes, or community guidelines. Sometimes, technical issues or shifts in community dynamics can influence contribution rates.

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