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The Activity widget provides a visual representation of various user interactions on the platform, using a pie chart format. It breaks down user activities into Posts, Comments, Reactions, and Mentions, offering a percentage-based understanding of how each activity contributes to the overall engagement on the platform.

Metrics Explained:

  • Posts

    • Definition: The number of individual posts made by users.

    • Significance: Indicates the volume of primary content generation on the platform.

  • Comments

    • Definition: Responses or feedback provided by users on existing posts.

    • Significance: Shows user engagement and interaction depth with the posted content.

  • Reactions

    • Definition: The collective count of emotive responses (like, love, clap, etc.) made by users to posts or comments.

    • Significance: Demonstrates emotional user engagement and immediate feedback to content.

  • Mentions

    • Definition: Instances where users are tagged or referred to within posts or comments.

    • Significance: Indicates user-to-user interactions and community dynamics.

Metric Interplay:

The pie chart presents a holistic view of user activity by illustrating the relationship between the different metrics. If, for instance, Posts make up a small portion but Reactions are significantly high, it could indicate that while original content might be sparse, user engagement is robust. Conversely, a high number of Mentions with low Comments could suggest more direct interactions over general discussions.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Analysis: By observing the proportions in the pie chart, admins can identify which activities are most prevalent, aiding in tailoring platform features or campaigns to boost specific activities.

  • Content Strategy: If posts have a lower percentage, content creation campaigns or initiatives can be introduced to motivate users to contribute more original content.


  • Q: How frequently is the pie chart updated?

    • A: The Activity widget updates regularly, often hourly, to reflect the most recent user activity metrics.

  • Q: Can I filter the widget to display activity metrics for a specific period?

    • A: Depending on platform capabilities, you can adjust date range filters to analyse user activity for specific time frames.


  • Issue: One of the metrics, e.g., Mentions, consistently shows zero.

    • Solution: First, ensure the platform's mention feature is functional and that users are aware of how to use it. If it's still not being used, consider introducing tutorials or incentives to boost its usage. If there's a technical issue, reaching out to technical support might be necessary.

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