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People by account status over time
People by account status over time
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Widget Visual:


The line graph puts the measurements of total invited accounts, claimed accounts, active people (Viewing) and interactive people (posting, commenting, reacting) side by side to clearly show how they relate to one another. For example, if there's always a big difference between Invited and Claimed Accounts, it might mean there's an ongoing issue with getting people to join. Also, by looking at the changes between Active People and Interactive People, we can see how many users move from just watching to actually taking part.


Metrics Explained:

  • Invited Accounts

    • Definition: Refers to accounts that have been extended an invitation to join the platform at any given time point.

    • Significance: By monitoring invitations over time, this metric offers insights into outreach efforts and potential user base expansion.

  • Claimed Accounts

    • Definition: Accounts that have accepted the invitation and completed the necessary activation process, as tracked over the set timeframe.

    • Significance: A temporal view of claimed accounts indicates the success rate and pace of user onboarding.

  • Active People (Viewing)

    • Definition: Users who have logged in and viewed content at various time intervals.

    • Significance: Observing Active People trends over time sheds light on user retention and platform stickiness.

  • Interactive People

    • Definition: Users who actively post, comment, or react to content across the selected time span.

    • Significance: This metric offers a deeper dive into user engagement, revealing the portion of users transitioning from mere viewership to active participation.

Metric Interplay:

The line chart compares these measurements to make clear the connections and trends between them. For example, a steady difference between Invited and Claimed Accounts might show an ongoing issue with getting new users started. Likewise, looking at the changes between Active People and Interactive People can help us understand how users move from just watching to actively participating.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Analysis: This widget allows teams to correlate specific campaigns or platform updates with spikes or drops in user activity.

  • Onboarding Efficiency: By comparing Invited and Claimed Accounts over time, organisations can gauge the efficacy of their onboarding process and outreach messages.


  • Q: Can I customise the time range for the graph?

    • A: Yes, the time frame displayed is based on the time filter set in the search, allowing for custom date ranges.

  • Q: How does the widget handle multiple interactions by a single user within the timeframe?

    • A: A user will be counted once in their respective category, irrespective of the number of interactions within the time filter.


  • Issue: One of the lines (metrics) doesn't display any data.

    • Solution: Ensure that the time filter is set correctly and that there's relevant data for that metric in the chosen timeframe. If the problem persists, check platform settings or data sources for discrepancies.


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