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Widget Visual:


This widget shows how different activities change over time. For instance, if there's a big jump in Reactions but not many new Posts or Comments, it could mean that a specific post has become very popular or is being shared a lot outside the platform. Similarly, if there's a sudden increase in Mentions, it might mean that people are having a lively chat or debate on a specific day.

Metrics Explained:

  1. Date (X-Axis)

    • Definition: Specific days, weeks, or months for which activity data is being assessed.

    • Significance: Enables users to pinpoint specific times when activity surged or dipped, aiding in temporal analysis of platform engagement.

  2. Posts

    • Definition: The number of individual posts made by users on respective dates.

    • Significance: Highlights the continuity or frequency of primary content generation over time.


    • Definition: Responses or feedback added by users on existing posts for particular dates.

    • Significance: Traces user engagement depth with the posted content across the timeline.

  4. Reactions

    • Definition: The collective count of emotive responses (like, love, clap, etc.) made by users to posts or comments for specific dates.

    • Significance: Reflects emotional user engagement trends and immediate feedback to content over the period.

  5. Mentions

    • Definition: Occurrences where users are tagged or referred to within posts or comments on specific dates.

    • Significance: Charts out the pattern of user-to-user interactions and community dynamics over time.


Metric Interplay:

Describe how the metrics within the widget interact, influence, or relate to each other. Include examples or scenarios if necessary.

Use Cases:

  • Campaign Effectiveness: After initiating a content drive or promotional campaign, monitor the graph for spikes in activity metrics, suggesting increased user engagement.

  • Event Analysis: If there's an external event or development related to the platform's theme, track its impact by observing changes in activity metrics around the event date.


  • Q: How often does the graph update with new data?

    • A: Typically, the "Activity Over Time" widget updates hourly, but this can vary based on platform settings and data source configurations.


  • Issue: The graph displays irregular data gaps or inconsistencies.

    • Solution: Ensure the platform's data tracking tools are functioning correctly. If gaps persist, it may be worth checking the data sources or seeking technical support.


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