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Widget Visual:


The "Daily Active People" widget visually represents the proportion of users engaging with the platform daily, compared to the weekly active users, giving insights into daily user activity trends.

Metrics Explained:

  • Daily Active People

    • Definition: The number of active users on the platform on a specific day.

    • Significance: Indicates the daily user engagement and platform activity.

  • Weekly Active People

    • Definition: The cumulative number of unique users interacted with the platform over a week.

    • Significance: Gives a broader user engagement perspective over an extended period.

Metric Interplay:

The percentage displayed on the widget is derived from the ratio of Daily Active People to Weekly Active People. A high percentage indicates that a significant portion of the weekly users is active daily, suggesting consistent daily engagement. On the other hand, a lower percentage might hint at periodic or sporadic user activity throughout the week.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Analysis: Helps in assessing the consistency of user engagement, aiding strategies to boost daily interactions.

  • Content Planning: Insights from daily vs. weekly activity can guide content release schedules, aiming for maximum user engagement.


  • Q: How is a user determined to be "active"?

    • A: An "active" user typically refers to one who interacts with the platform, be it through viewing content, posting, commenting, or any other form of engagement.

  • Q: Is the data real-time or updated at regular intervals?

    • A: ~


  • Issue: The percentage seems unusually high or low.

    • Solution: Ensure that the date range or criteria for "active" users are correctly set. If the data still appears off, it may be worth consulting technical support for potential tracking issues.

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