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Active people, grouped by segment
Active people, grouped by segment
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Widget Visual:


The "Active People, Grouped by Segment" widget provides a detailed breakdown of users based on their assigned segments. Displayed in a table format, it showcases the main (parent) segments, the total number of active people, activated accounts, and the percentage of active people. Admins can delve deeper into each parent segment to view its underlying (child) segments and assess their performance.

Metrics Explained:

  • Parent Segment

    • Definition: The main categories or groups under which users are classified.

    • Significance: It gives a top-level view of the various user groups present on the platform.

  • Active People

    • Definition: The number of users actively engaged or interacting with the platform, falling under a specific segment.

    • Significance: This metric gauges the engagement level of each segment, allowing for targeted engagement strategies.

  • Activated Accounts

    • Definition: The count of users who have completed necessary registration or setup processes within a specific segment.

    • Significance: It provides insights into the adoption rate within each segment.

  • % Active People

    • Definition: The percentage of users actively engaging with the platform relative to the total users in that segment.

    • Significance: A quick way to determine the engagement ratio within each segment, helping admins identify highly engaged or under-engaged segments.

Metric Interplay:

The metrics in this widget work together to give a layered view of user engagement based on segments. For example, a segment might have many Activated Accounts but a low % Active People, suggesting that while many users join, only a few remain active. This interplay can guide admins in tailoring engagement strategies for specific segments.

Use Cases:

  • Segment-Based Engagement: By examining active people within segments, admins can design targeted campaigns or initiatives to boost engagement.

  • Onboarding Analysis: Assessing the number of Activated Accounts versus Active People in a segment can shed light on the efficiency of onboarding processes tailored to that segment.


  • Q: Can I view both parent and child segments simultaneously?

    • A: The top-level view focuses on parent segments, but you can drill down into each to see the child segments and their respective metrics.

  • Q: How frequently is the data in the widget updated?

    • A: The data is updated daily to reflect the most recent segment-wise user activity and account statuses.


  • Issue: One of the segments doesn't display any data.

    • Solution: First, ensure that there are users assigned to that segment. If the issue persists, check if there are data source discrepancies or technical issues affecting that segment's data display.


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