People by account status
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Widget Visual:


The "People by Account Status" widget visually presents a histogram delineating the progression of users from invitation to activity. By charting Invited Accounts, Claimed Accounts, and Active People on a singular graph, the widget offers a clear view into user adoption and engagement trends over time.

Metrics Explained:

  • Invited Accounts

    • Definition: Accounts that have received an invitation to join or access the platform.

    • Significance: This metric sets the initial benchmark, indicating the potential size of the user base and the platform's outreach efforts.

  • Claimed Accounts

    • Definition: Represents users who have accepted the invitation and completed any necessary registration or setup processes to activate their accounts.

    • Significance: It serves as a key indicator of the platform's onboarding success, highlighting how many invited users transition to active members.

  • Metric 3: Active People (Viewing)

    • Definition: Refers to users who log in and engage with the platform's content, even if it's just viewing without additional interactions.

    • Significance: This metric unveils the depth of engagement post-account claim, reflecting the platform's ability to retain and captivate its users.

Metric Interplay:

The histogram offers a visual representation of the user journey from receiving an invite to actively viewing content. The height (y-axis) for each metric shows the count of users at each stage. The progressive decrease or increase in these bars can offer insights into where potential drop-offs or engagement surges occur. For instance, a significant drop from Invited to Claimed might indicate onboarding challenges, while a small drop from Claimed to Active could highlight strong user retention.

Use Cases:

  • Adoption Analysis: By examining the histogram, teams can pinpoint stages in the user journey that require attention, whether it's improving the invitation process, refining onboarding, or enhancing user engagement post-claim.

  • Campaign Effectiveness: After specific outreach or engagement campaigns, monitoring spikes or changes in the histogram can provide insights into the campaign's effectiveness.



  • Issue: A significant drop is observed between Invited and Claimed accounts.

    • Solution: Review the invitation process, check for any technical issues with the registration or onboarding process, or consider revising the outreach messaging to improve clarity or appeal.

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