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Widget Visual:


The "Reach" widget on the scoreboard dashboard gives a snapshot of user engagement by showcasing the activity rate and the account claiming rate within your platform, thus helping to measure and understand user participation and responsiveness.

Widget Components

  • Component 1: Active People Gauge

    • A visual representation showing the proportion of active users compared to the total number of claimed accounts.

  • Component 2: Claimed Accounts Gauge

    • A visual representation indicating the percentage of accounts that have been claimed out of all invited accounts.

Metrics Explained

  • Active People

    • Definition: The percentage of active users relative to the total number of claimed accounts.

    • Significance: Helps in understanding user activity levels after claiming their accounts.

  • Claimed Accounts

    • Definition: The percentage representation of how many invited users have claimed their accounts.

    • Significance: Provides insights into user responsiveness to invitations.

Metric Interplay

The "Reach" score is derived by averaging the scores from the "Active People" and "Claimed Accounts" metrics. Each metric can contribute up to 50 points to the Reach score. For instance, with "Active People" at 92 points and "Claimed Accounts" at 76 points, the "Reach" score would be 84 points.

Use Cases

  • Understanding peak activity periods and strategising outreach during these times.

  • Identifying bottlenecks in the account claiming process to improve onboarding.


  • How often is the Reach score updated?

    • A: The Reach score is updated daily, reflecting the latest user activity and account claims.

  • Q: What counts as an 'active' user?

    • A: An active user is someone who has logged in and interacted with the platform in the last 30 days.


  • Issue: Reach score shows as "N/A".

    • Solution: Ensure sufficient data; if the platform is new, it might take some time to generate scores.

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