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Note: The "Claimed Accounts" widget is on both the Scoreboard and Reach Widget.

The "Claimed Accounts" widget provides a direct insight into the rate of account adoption. By displaying the percentage of accounts that have been claimed in relation to those invited, it offers a measure of user engagement and uptake.

Metrics Explained:

  • Claimed Accounts Percentage

    • Definition: This represents the proportion of users who have claimed their accounts out of all the users who were invited. It's computed by dividing the number of claimed accounts by the total number of invited accounts and then multiplying by 100.

    • Significance: An essential metric for understanding the success rate of account invitations and the initial step of user engagement.

Metric Interplay:

The "Claimed Accounts Percentage" is derived by contrasting two primary values: the number of claimed accounts and the total invited accounts. For instance, if out of 200 invited users, 150 have claimed their accounts, the Claimed Accounts Percentage would display 75%.

Use Cases:

  • Onboarding Analysis: Utilise this widget to measure the effectiveness of onboarding campaigns or outreach programs.

  • Engagement Forecasting: By understanding the claiming rate, teams can anticipate potential future engagement and strategise accordingly.


  • Q: How is an account considered "claimed"?

    • A: An account is "claimed" once a user has accepted an invitation and completed the necessary steps to set up or activate their account.

  • Q: Does this percentage include accounts that were invited but have since expired?

    • A: Yes, the percentage calculation considers all invited accounts, regardless of the current status of the invitation.


  • Issue: The Claimed Accounts Percentage hasn't changed in a while.

    • Solution: Ensure that new invitations are being sent and that there's no technical issue preventing users from claiming their accounts. Review any recent changes to the invitation process that might affect user uptake.

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