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The "Reach Indicator" on the Reach Board offers a holistic view into the platform's user engagement and adoption. By combining insights from both Claimed Accounts and Active People, this widget provides a composite score, aptly termed the Reach Indicator Score, that assesses the overall user reach and activity on a scale of 100.

Metrics Explained:

  1. Claimed Accounts

    • Definition: Represents the proportion of users who have claimed their accounts compared to those who were invited to the platform.

    • Calculation: (Number of claimed accounts / Total number of invited accounts) × 100.

    • Significance: This metric measures the initial success rate of users transitioning from invitation to platform adoption.

  2. Active People

    • Definition: Illustrates the percentage of users who actively view content on the platform relative to those who have claimed accounts.

    • Calculation: (Number of active people / Number of claimed accounts) × 100.

    • Significance: By focusing on users who not only claim their accounts but also engage with content, it gauges the depth of user activity post-adoption.

Metric Interplay:

The Reach Indicator Score is the culmination of the Claimed Accounts and Active People metrics, each contributing a weightage of 50 points. This composite score provides an out-of-100 assessment of the platform's user reach and engagement. For example, if Claimed Accounts score 40 points and Active People score 45, the Reach Indicator Score would be 85 points.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Overview: With the Reach Indicator, teams can quickly assess both the adoption rate (Claimed Accounts) and subsequent engagement (Active People) at a glance.

  • Strategic Outreach: Monitoring dips or spikes can guide outreach efforts, whether it's re-engaging invited users who haven't claimed accounts or boosting content to engage active users.


  • Q: How often is the Reach Indicator Score updated?

    • A: The score is updated hourly, reflecting the latest account claims and user activity.

  • Q: Does the Active People metric include users who only log in but don't interact with content?

    • A: Yes, the metric includes any user who logs in and views content, even if they don't actively post or comment.


  • Issue: The Reach Indicator Score shows a sudden drop.

    • Solution: Review recent platform changes or community events that might deter account claims or user activity. Also, ensure that there are no technical issues hindering user logins or activity tracking.

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