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Widget Visual:


The "Weekly Active People" widget showcases the proportion of users engaging with the platform weekly in comparison to the monthly users, offering insights into user activity consistency over a month.

Metrics Explained:

  • Weekly Active People

    • Definition: The number of users who are active on the platform over a specific week.

    • Significance: Reflects user engagement and activity on a weekly basis.

  • Monthly Active People

    • Definition: The aggregate number of unique users who interacted with the platform throughout a month.

    • Significance: Presents a broader view of user engagement over a longer period.

Metric Interplay:

The percentage displayed is the result of comparing Weekly Active People to Monthly Active People. A high percentage would mean that a large portion of monthly users engage consistently every week, indicating steady weekly engagement. Conversely, a lower percentage might suggest that users are sporadically active during the month.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Analysis: Helps determine how consistently users engage with the platform over a month.

  • User Retention: Observing weekly activity can offer clues about user drop-offs or heightened engagement, facilitating better retention strategies.


  • Q: How do you classify a user as "active" on a weekly basis?

    • A: A user is deemed "active" weekly if they engage with the platform in any form, be it viewing, posting, or other interactions, at least once during the week. Platform-specific definitions might vary.

  • Q: Can I see which weeks had the highest engagement?

    • A: Depending on the platform's features, you might be able to dive deeper into specific weeks or compare week-on-week data for more granular insights.


  • Issue: The percentage shown appears to fluctuate widely week-on-week.

    • Solution: Confirm that there haven't been any significant changes or events that could affect user engagement. If everything seems in order and the fluctuations are unusual, consider checking with technical support for potential data tracking anomalies.

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