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Widget Visual:


The "Interactive People" widget dives deeper into user engagement by displaying the percentage of users who not only view but actively participate by posting, commenting, or reacting. Honing in on this active subset of users provides a granular look into the depth of community engagement and participation.

Metrics Explained:

  • Interactive People Percentage

    • Definition: Represents the proportion of active participants (those posting, commenting, or reacting) in relation to the broader group of users viewing the platform.

    • Calculation: (Number of interactive people / Total active viewers) ร— 100.

    • Significance: As a direct measure of the community's vibrancy, it showcases the extent to which users go beyond mere consumption to interact and engage with content actively.

Metric Interplay:

The "Interactive People Percentage" stands on its own in this widget. However, it's crucial to understand that it is derived by contrasting two user segments: those actively interacting and the broader group of viewers. For instance, if 500 users view content and 150 of those users post, comment, or react, the Interactive People Percentage would read 30%.

Use Cases:

  • Community Engagement Monitoring: Use the widget as a regular pulse-check on community health, ensuring that a substantial portion of viewers are actively participating.

  • Feedback Gathering: A spike in interactive users might indicate content or discussions that resonate deeply, providing avenues for feedback or further exploration.


  • Q: How do you differentiate between "viewing" and "interacting"?

    • A: "Viewing" refers to users who access and read content, while "interacting" pertains to users who take active actions such as posting, commenting, or reacting.

  • Q: Can a user be counted in both "viewing" and "interacting"?

    • A: Yes, a user who views and then chooses to interact (post, comment, or react) will be counted in both categories, but the percentage calculation ensures they are represented appropriately.


Issue: A sudden drop in the Interactive People Percentage.

  • Solution: Check for platform updates or community guideline changes that might deter interaction. Also, review content trends to ensure they align with community interests and preferences.


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