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The "Value" widget offers a multi-faceted perspective on user engagement by amalgamating three distinct metrics: Unique Contributors, Interactive People, and Questions Asked. By presenting these combined insights, the widget assesses and scores the quality of user engagement and participation on the platform.

Metrics Explained:

  • Unique Contributors

    • Definition: Represents the percentage of users actively contributing, either through posting or commenting, in relation to the total active viewership.

    • Calculation: (Unique contributors / Active people) × 100.

    • Significance: Gauges the depth of user engagement by focusing on those who actively contribute content or discussions.

  • Interactive People

    • Definition: Highlights the proportion of users engaged in active interactions, encompassing activities like posting, commenting, and reacting.

    • Calculation: (Interactive people / Active people) × 100.

    • Significance: Provides insights into the breadth of engagement, capturing both content contributors and reactors.

  • Questions Asked

    • Definition: The ratio of questions posed to the combined sum of posts and comments.

    • Calculation: (Questions asked / (Total posts + Total comments)) × 100.

    • Significance: Evaluates the platform's role as a space for inquiry and the user base's inclination to seek knowledge or clarifications.

Metric Interplay:

The Value widget synthesises the aforementioned metrics to produce a singular Value score. This score is derived by weighting Unique Contributors at 50 points, Interactive People at 25 points, and Questions Asked at 25 points. The cumulative score offers a comprehensive assessment of user engagement's depth and breadth. For example, if Unique Contributors scored 40, Interactive People 20, and Questions Asked 15, the Value score would be 75 points.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Analysis: Use this widget to determine periods of high-quality engagement, useful for strategising content pushes or community events.

  • Platform Health Check: Regularly review to ensure the platform encourages diverse forms of participation – from content creation to interactions to inquiries.


  • Q: How is "Active People" defined for these metrics?

    • A: "Active People" are users who have logged in and viewed content on the platform within a given timeframe.


  • Issue: The Value score has seen a sudden drop.

    • Solution: Check individual metrics to determine the drop's cause. Review any recent platform changes or community events affecting user participation patterns.

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