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The "Leadership" widget offers a composite view of platform engagement, integrating insights from both Unique Contributors and Interactive People. By capturing and amalgamating these metrics, it provides a comprehensive score that represents the level of active leadership and engagement within the community.

Metrics Explained:

  • Unique Contributors

    • Definition: Represents the percentage of users who actively contribute to the platform by either posting or commenting, compared to the overall viewership.

    • Calculation: (Number of unique contributors / Total active viewers) × 100.

    • Significance: It zeroes in on users who are driving content creation, acting as the pillars of community discussions and information sharing.

  • Interactive People

    • Definition: Highlights the proportion of users engaging in varied interactions, such as posting, commenting, or reacting, set against the total active viewership.

    • Calculation: (Number of interactive people / Total active viewers) × 100.

    • Significance: This captures the broader spectrum of user engagement, including those who not only create but also interact with content, contributing to the platform's vibrancy.

Metric Interplay:

The Leadership Score is a sum of the Unique Contributors and Interactive People metrics. By assigning a weightage of 50 points to each metric, the combined score provides an out-of-100 assessment of the platform's leadership health. For instance, if Unique Contributors score 40 points and Interactive People score 45, the Leadership Score would be 85 points.

Use Cases:

  • Engagement Strategies: With insights from the Leadership widget, teams can identify areas of focus, whether it's boosting content creation or enhancing user interactions.

  • Community Health: Regular checks on this widget can offer a snapshot of the community's health, ensuring that there's a balance between content creation and interaction.


  • Q: Can a user contribute to both metrics?

    • A: Absolutely. A user who posts a comment, for instance, is counted as both a unique contributor and an interactive person.


  • Issue: The Leadership Score shows a significant dip.

    • Solution: Investigate recent platform changes, community events, or content trends. A dip might be indicative of changes that have impacted user engagement.

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