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Settings (previously known as Admin Console)
Settings (previously known as Admin Console)
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The settings section is your central hub for overseeing and managing WorkLabs functionalities. Specifically designed for system administrators, it offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for control and customisation:

  • Segments: The settings section allows you to create targeted end-user segments. By organising users into distinct segments, you can customise interactions, data access, and reporting, ensuring relevant and streamlined experiences for each group.

  • End users: Gain an instantaneous view of the total number of end-user accounts provisioned from integrated applications.

  • Account holders: Take command over who has access to WorkLabs. You can grant and control access, guaranteeing that only authorised personnel can use the system.

  • Audit log: Enhance security and uphold transparency through the audit trail. This feature provides a sequential history of actions undertaken by account holders in the system. It encompasses specifics like the nature of the event, location (IP address), and the exact time of the activity in question.

  • Channel categories: This feature lets Worklabs users group their channels into different categories. After setting up a category, you can sort each channel into one of these categories. This is important because some widgets in Insights require channels to be categorised to work properly.

  • Data retention: Easily check the data retention policies for your Worklabs instance. This section lets you see the retention durations and specific rules applied to different types of data in the source system. It covers everything from Group posts, Group comments, Timeline posts, Timeline comments, Chat messages, to content in the Knowledge Library and security logs.

Leverage the capabilities of the settings section to ensure WorkLabs is perfectly aligned with your organisational needs and security protocols.

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