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View users synced from source systems

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The 'Data subjects' page provides a comprehensive list of all users whose data is synced to Workplace from connected source systems. This allows you to see information such as their profile data and the number of people segments they belong to. You can also manage attributes and the Worklabs display name. There are three separate pages under 'Data subjects': People, Profile attributes, and Display name.


The 'People' page displays a row for each user synced to Worklabs from any connected data source, showing the following details:

1) Display Name - Display name in Worklabs

2) Position - Job title synced from the source system

3) Data Sources - Number of data sources the data subject is connected to in Worklabs
4) People Segments - Number of People Segments the user belongs to

Clicking 'View' at the end of the row will show additional details:

1) Name
2) Position

3) Division

4) Department

5) Location

6) Organization

7) Front line (yes/no)

8) Number of direct reports

πŸ’‘ Sort the user list by People Segments to see who may not be assigned to any segments. This may indicate that their profile information needs to be updated in the source system to ensure they are included in the correct segments.

Profile attributes

The 'Profile attributes' page lets you choose which connected data source to use when syncing profile information to Worklabs. This is only applicable when there is more than one connected data source. To choose which source system to sync, select the dropdown next to the attribute you want to change.

πŸ’‘ The attributes you choose to sync to Worklabs will be utilized for creating dynamic people segments. It's important to review profile attributes in your source systems and the associated information to ensure you are syncing the necessary information to create complete people segments.

Display name

The 'Disaply name' page allows you to configure how data subjects' names are displayed in Worklabs.

The display name will default to 'Name' only. To insert additional profile fields to the display name, type the @ symbol. The selected profile attributes will be added to the display name.

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