Account holders

Manage Worklabs users on the Account Holders page with role management and streamlined access control.

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The Account Holders page is a central hub for administrators to manage user access within the Worklabs instance. This interface is designed to streamline the process of viewing and modifying user permissions, ensuring efficient administration of the Worklabs environment.

Key features

User List Display

  • Upon accessing the page, administrators are presented with a comprehensive list of all users currently granted access to this specific Worklabs instance.

  • The displayed table includes critical user information:

    • Name: The full name of the user.

    • Workplace user type: The role or type assigned to the user within Worklabs.

    • Date last active: The most recent date the user interacted with the Worklabs instance.

    • Account management options:

      • Map to workplace user: This option allows the admin to link the account holder to an existing user in Workplace.

      • Remove access: Administrators can revoke a user's access to the Worklabs instance.

Invitation Management

  • Invite link generation: Administrators can generate unique invite links and send them to potential admin holders. These links facilitate the account claim process for new administrators in Worklabs.

  • Expiration and usage: Each invite link is programmed to expire 24 hours after its creation or upon being claimed, whichever comes first, to enhance security.

Usage Tips

  • Regularly monitor the user list for any unauthorized access.

  • Keep track of pending invites to ensure timely onboarding of new admin holders.

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