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Installing Worklabs
Installing Worklabs
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Following the steps below, you can easily connect the two platforms, Worklabs and Workplace, and begin using Insights and/or Protect.

  1. Initiate Installation:

    1. Visit Worklabs Installation >

  2. Enter Invite Code:

    1. Use the unique invite code provided to you. If you require a new invite code generated, please get in touch with support.

  3. Single Sign-On:

    1. Sign in to Worklabs Insights using your company's chosen authentication provider, Microsoft or Google.

  4. Connect to Workplace by Meta:

    1. Follow the prompts from Workplace from Meta to complete the integration.

  5. Accessing Admin Console:

    1. Once logged in to Worklabs, navigate to the Admin console. You can find this via the Admin menu item (behind your worklabs account name) in the user drop-down on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar.

  6. Inviting Members:

    1. In the admin console, find the 'Account Holder' sub-menu. Here, you can start inviting other users to join Insights. For a step-by-step guide on this process, check out this article: How to Invite Account Holders.

Should you encounter any issues, have suggestions or require assistance at any step, please get in touch with our support team.

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