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With Topics, gain a refined understanding of your workplace activities. This feature allows administrators to categorise workplace discussions and activities based on topic rules.

Setting up a Topic Rule:

To configure a rule, administrators specify keywords and pattern conditions that will be monitored across channels and participants. The flexible condition setup includes

  1. Keywords: Conditions such as "Contains" and "Does not contain".

  2. Wildcards: Utilise symbols like

    1. the asterisk (*) represents any group of characters, including no character.

    2. the question mark (?) represents any single character.

    3. the dollar sign ($) represents zero or one character.

  3. Boolean Operators: Leverage "AND" or "OR" to fine-tune your keyword searches.

  4. Proximity Operators: Use "NEAR/x" to pinpoint how close certain terms are to each other in a text.

Operator Precedence:

When multiple operators are used, searches are processed in the following order:

  1. NEAR/x

  2. WITHIN/x

  3. AND

  4. OR

Results & Analytics:

Once a rule triggers, posts under that topic are collated into a specified bucket. Administrators can then delve into these posts, gaining insights on metrics like post sentiment, interactions, viewer statistics, and more. Metrics are also available at the topic level, offering an overarching view of the subject's activity.

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